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Diets for weight loss
Obesity is a condition When
An individual weighs
20% more than.
Diets for weight gain
Underweight can sometimes
Be the result of mental or
physical disease.
Diabetic Diets
Diabetes is controllable
And one can lead healthy
life by following.
Diets for children
According to WHO
Childhood obesity is one of
the most serious public
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Nutrition matters. Manage your weight by eating right. Keep lifestyle disorders at bay and stay healthy.

Nutrifull is a diet clinic located in Visakhapatnam. At Nutrifull, we follow a holistic approach to good health & wellness through healthy dietary practices and lifestyle modifications. We offer person to person, on-line and telephonic counseling to clients all over India and abroad. Nutrifull provides well balanced and effective diet plans and nutrition counseling tailored to suit the likes and dislikes of individuals while catering to physiological requirements.

Mrs Kala

I met Sarita two and a half years back, when the weighing scale was turning out to be my worst enemy.
Mrs Kiran Kudalkar

Nutrifull has not only helped me to lose weight but also to eat right.
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